Thursday, 12 September 2013

Illustrative, Amplifying or Disjunctive

The Subways- I don't need money to have a good time

The video is mainly illustrative showing people having a good time with no money, however it does amplify some of their meanings e.g. at 1:17 the lyrics are "not gonna be the ones just sitting on the shelf" the video shows a box of eggs with sad faces drawn on them sitting on the shelf of the fridge. Despite this many of the shots in the video have no relation to the lyrics, no one is said to be eating a bowl of spaghetti or skateboarding into glasses of water.

Quite a few of the shots look like they have been taken with a home camera, this is an illustrative element because it goes with the title of the song, saying that they don't need the top equipment to film this video, some of them even look like they are taken on mobile phones.

Many of the cuts are positioned to the crash cymbal there is also cut positioned on the guitar beat as well. This along with the fast tempo of the song make the pace of the editing fast and even very fast in some places.

The locations are mainly everyday or places that are easily accessible again illustrating the songs title. The same could be said for the clothes and the props, they are casual and everyday.

Overall this is and illustrative video as it shows people having a good time with fairly everyday objects.

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