Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lip Sync Task

We have created two lip sync videos.One to first minuet and thirty seconds of Motorhead's Ace of spades which was a simple exercise to get us to used lip syncing and using to the equipment, the other is the first minuet and ten seconds of Busted's What I go to school for, which required more planning and organising, because of multiple locations, costumes, props, the size of cast and extras and shooting script.

Research and Planning
The planning stage was useful because it gave us a chance to analyse the video and to choose the best options for the video, the shooting script was the most useful because  it organised when and where we were doing each shot,  and who was needed, because some days some cast members were unavailable, so this helped get their shots done and then get the others done when they were away. The storyboard was another useful part of planning because it gave us a chance to look at each shot in depth and try and replicate that, it also gave us how many shots we needed and a chance  to group them how we needed, e.g. outside, classroom with Dom classroom without Dom, this gave us a chance to again help plan when we would do each shot. This stage helped organize and make the filming process run smoother, although I think the filming could of been better organized and planned better, which suggests that this stage was not as successful as it should have been it was still the most useful stage as it really showed us the task we had to undertake.

Digital Technology
The knowledge that I gained while doing this will help me with next years task of filming an original music video. I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit what I had filmed, at first I was unsure of how to use it, but got as I got used to it I began to be a bit more adventurous with the tools available. Putting the clips in time with the music was the hardest part of editing these short videos, as you can see in the busted I had varied levels of effectiveness with the timing. This will help me to get it in time in my music video and also make sure that I check the video before I say that it is finished.

The main thing I learnt is that there will be a lot of stops and retaking of shots to get one that is good enough to use. One of the most useful items in production is the shooting script, this really helped when deciding what to do and when to film it, it also helped for when people were away so we could the shots of the person that is away when they are available, due to the absence of many people on different days, this was a long drawn out process

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