Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Question 1

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge form and conventions of real media text?

Our music video is based on Bastille's Pompeii  video, where he gets chased through a city, we like this idea and decided to incorporate this into our video. According to Andrew Goodwins theory the Pompeii video is quite disjunctive as is ours. We also looked at the film the Wicker Man which made use of animal masks, which is where we got the idea for the masks.

We used conventions of music videos, such as lip syncing, which we used throughout our music video but did not use it all the time as this is normal for music videos of the indie genre, we interspersed shots of our artist lip syncing in between shots of the Pompeii/Wicker Man narrative, all of the lip syncing shots were close ups, looking back on this I would of tried to get more varied shots of the lip syncing as the shots were too long timewise and this would of made it look more like a music video. In the video Welcome Home by Radical Face most of the lip syncing shots are close ups but it does have varied shot types such as long shots and medium shots.

I made use of jump cuts in the video after watching Jean Luc Godards A Bout de Souffle which made use of a lot of jump cuts, especially noticeable in the cafe scene, and in the car scene, this effected the way I edited the video because of its radical editing style, where Godard just cut in the middle of shots at random intervals. I made use of this in the long shot when the people in the animal masks turn round I cut it as they were just about to turn around so they jumped round. I also used jump cuts because they are commonly found in music videos therefore are a convention of music videos.

As well as jump cuts I used other editing techniques such as overlaying the videos which I used three times in the video, I used this because it creates a psychedelic effect that goes with the narrative of the video as shown by overlaying the actress singing with shots of her being emotional and frustrated, this added to the video because it gave it a abstract and it distracted from the bad lip syncing/performance of the song by the actress, it also created a juxtaposition between the rest of the video as this was plainly edited apart from the ghosting effect when the actress turns round and is wearing the animal masks. these effects are not normally used in music videos.

Our music video had a Todorovian structure to it with the equilibrium being disrupted by the people wearing the masks, and being resolved when she wakes up at the end, but because of this the music video ended up being to much like a film with music over the top, with the editing not being cut to the beat especially when the people in the masks turn around, and there being to much of a story, on the other hand because of the story and the omniscient narration that the audience have, the audience might empathise with the protagonist, giving the a voyeuristic pleasure from watching the video.

The angle of the camera was kept the same which I would like to change now, different angles would of helped to give more depth to the video, for example the use of high/low angle shots to connote that the protagonist was scared of the animal masks and that the people in the mask new this and were using this to their advantage. A shot I would of liked to use more would be an over the shoulder shot although I did use this at one point an over the shoulder shot can show things more clearly, when the protagonist turns round to find her path blocked we see that we masks are there blocking her way, an over the shoulder shot would of been effective here to show that her path was blocked, or the use of a frame with in a frame, putting her between the two masked people connoting her entrapment.

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