Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Music Video Pitch

This is mine and Lauren's slideshow for our pitch. 

These slide are just an overview of our ideas for our music video, most of the ideas came from what we said.

Slide 1
The name of our song and the artist that made it and a link to a video of the song.

Slide 2
The picture of the people in animal masks is a shot from the 1973 film The Wicker Man, this was our inspiration for the animal masks idea, the green writing is some of our own ideas that we came up with, the drawings are some of our classmates ideas they thought of when they heard our song, the ones circled in green are the ideas we liked and will try to incorporate into our music video.

Slide 3
This is our mood board, it shows some of the ideas we had on the last slide but makes it easier to see them, we're going to have a camp fire but for health and safety reasons not allow the actors within a reasonable  distance of the fire, also for the fire works we will get an adult to light them for us, the idea of the fog/mist  is one of my favourites as it gives it a creepier feel but also it makes it more mysterious, hopefully making the audience wonder what is  in the fog/mist.

Slide 4
The locations are all available within a short distance of each other and we have easy access to them. The first location seen in the video will be the room but the room will only have a bed in this will give it a slightly creepy look to it. We will then cut to the forest scene and have our main actor walking or running through it this will hopefully be when we can incorporate the fog/mist, she will then be shown in a camping party in the field, here she will become disorientated and we would like to use a snorricam but because we don't have one we will probably get our actor to hold the camera and spin around.

Slide 5
This slide shows the costumes we plan to use, the main character will be wearing coat and scarf because we think it would suit our music video and we don't want our actor to get cold, the people who are wearing the animal masks will be wearing casual clothes with the masks  

Slide 6
On this slide is our list of props, the smoke machine, a guitar and some fireworks the smoke machine we can hire from a company, from £15 a day, the guitar will be mine and we will have to send an adult out to get the fire works as we are not 18 yet and cannot legally buy them 

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